birth - Yes, I gave birth naturally. No, I am not Superwoman.

Yes, I gave birth naturally. No, I am not Superwoman.

December 29, 2017 | Leave your thoughts

There is a sense of wonder and mystery cultivated inside every birthing experience. It was July 18, 2016, the first time I experienced it. And 15 months later, I experienced it again. It was beautiful. It was messy. It was painful. Extremely painful. And it brought tears of joy to my eyes. There are very few words that correctly describe it. Most don’t even scratch the surface. Maybe its like an out of body experience while simultaneously being a full body experience. It’s this incredible phenomenon yet an everyday occurrence all across the world. I have now been able to experience this phenomenon twice, and God willing I plan to do so a couple more times. Each time was different in their own unique way. Both of my children emerged into this world in a tub full of water.

I always find it interesting the responses I get when people find out that I gave birth naturally (especially when they find out my son weighed 9lbs 7.5oz). And by naturally, I mean without the help of any pain medicine. No drugs. Not even one. While I have heard a multitude of responses, the most common one I hear is: “you must be superwoman!” Don’t get me wrong, I sure feel like I am after completing such a feat. And I do appreciate the compliment. However, no, I am not superwoman. In fact, I am just a woman. A woman who believes that all women are capable of doing this exact thing. I am not unique. I am not special. I believe the entire essence of my being was created to give life and I choose to do so in the rawest form because I believe that was exactly how I was made to do it.

I can vividly remember laboring with my daughter and thinking to myself, “why did I do this?” -and- “why does anyone do this?” – With each contraction, as, I held tightly to my husband’s hand, I can remember thinking I had a choice. I could choose to operate in self-control or I could choose to allow the contraction to get the best of me. I made the conscious decision to push forward and fixate my mind on the end result, my baby. Some of you may be reading this and thinking I have legit lost my mind and maybe you’re right, but for those of you who are reading this on the fence of whether or not you would be able to give birth naturally, you would. You, my friend, are capable. But let me let you in on a few things I have learned that will help set you up for success:

4 Tips for Giving Birth Naturally

  1. Do your research. Just because the association with giving birth is directly related to a hospital room, does not mean you have to give birth there. I am full-blown #teambirthcenter. So I suggest you look into the birth centers and/or midwives in your area. You may also want to consider a home birth too. Giving birth at a birth center allows you the freedom to labor and deliver however you choose. This was extremely important to me
  2. Create a birth plan that you are comfortable with and have someone in the room who is on your team. My husband knew exactly what I desired for both of my birthing experiences and he stood firm in not allowing it to be any different. It’s important to have someone there to be your second voice.
  3. Set clear expectations. This is one of the most important ones that I share with people especially for my first-time Mamas out there. You are walking in blind, never having experienced this before so make sure that your husband or significant other knows what you are expecting from them. For me, I was very adamant about my husband not acting any different than normal. I didn’t want him to talk sweetly to me, rub my head or anything that was out of the ordinary (not that he isn’t sweet..he is..I’m just weird and don’t like that type of thing). But maybe for you, you want those things. Be sure to communicate that!
  4. Lastly, BE FLEXIBLE. Understand that each and every birthing experience is different. If things do not end up going as planned, give yourself grace. You are still amazing. You still birthed a human. You still gave life. You are still a rockstar!

What is so profound to me is the sense of power that comes when we conquer the mind to push forward during each contraction. During each push. During each moment when we say out loud, “I don’t know if I can do it!” But here is the thing Mama, you CAN. You CAN do it. You were made to do it, believe that!

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