Submission Call!!

As I stood blurry-eyed in my kitchen this morning, staring at the space on my counter where my coffeemaker used to live, and wondering why, exactly, I’d given up caffeine, I had an epiphany. Now, it wasn’t the type of revelation that would resolve any lingering questions regarding the existence of alien life; I save those thoughts for after lunch. No, what struck me like a sharp corner to the funny bone was the fact I haven’t put out a single submission call this summer. With all the changes at Lyrical Press after we joined Kensington, I’ve been wrapped up in current projects and making the transition as smooth as possible for my authors. Now it’s time for me to put on my conductor’s hat and call, “All aboard the Submission Train!”

Oh, right. That’s why I gave up caffeine. I’m weird enough without stimulants.

Regardless, I’m looking to expand my author list and acquire some great stories. The recently announced merger between Lyrical Press and eKensington means that we’ll be accepting non-romantic fiction as well as romance. In keeping with this change, I’d love to see some women’s fiction stories or cozy mysteries. But my true love will always be romance, and right now I’m looking for contemporary romance, historical romance (especially if it is set in unique time periods or locations), erotic romance (Hot, Hot, Hot), sports romance with strong female athletes, and romantic suspense with no paranormal element.

• Manuscripts should be submitted to:

• I prefer stories that are between 40,000 and 100,000 words.

• Characters must be well-developed, their motivations clear and their actions must move the story forward.

• Choose your point of view (i.e. first-person, third-person) but ensure that, whichever you choose, you write your characters from a truly deep viewpoint.

• Your work should be as clean and polished as you can make it.

• All works must be complete and submitted with a query letter and synopsis.

• Agents are encouraged to contact me with either completed projects or proposals.

• Please note: Lyrical Press is no longer open to previously published works. This includes self-published work.

If you have any of these stories finished, polished, and ready for consideration, please send them my way!

All my best,
Paige Christian

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Please Hold…

Summer is my favorite season. Every summer I think of my childhood, the late nights, hot days, family vacations and freedom from responsibilities. Like many parents, I want my children to have wonderful memories of just being kids. I’ve resolved to spend less time with a computer screen and more time with them this summer. Their childhood is flashing before my eyes, everything passing much too quickly.

So, if you don’t hear from me on Twitter or this blog for several weeks…I’m in the pool.🙂

Enjoy your summer!

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My Favorite Things

I normally use a little bit of space here to share the little things that drive me crazy. Today, in the wake of some pretty scary news about a family member, I am going to change the tone a bit and share things that make me happy.

Leaving aside the obvious, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Garbage pickup. I’m serious! I don’t want that stuff around, do you?

2. Mail delivery. I’m not sure who it was, but someone once pointed out the bargain of having a letter or package picked up from your house and delivered almost anywhere in the world for a few dollars. They had a point. And, while email is convenient, who can deny the enjoyment of a real letter in the mailbox?

3. The chipmunks on my porch performing their own version of Cirque de Soleil in order to taunt my kitties, who are watching at the window.

4. Greek yogurt, hot chocolate and potato chips. But maybe not all at once.

5. Little League softball games. Yes, I’ve complained once or twice about the time we spend on softball. But, I love sitting on the sidelines on a beautiful spring day, watching these girls learn the ropes and chatting with friends. The only thing better would be getting to play. Put me in, Coach?

6. Indoor plumbing. ‘Nuff said.




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Odds and Ends and Hitting Send

I’ve spent the majority of the last two weeks learning how to be a Little League softball mom. Which is exhausting, and sometimes terrifying. I’m pretty sure Verlander was pitching against us last night. Only he was a young girl, and couldn’t aim. Frightening. More than one girl went home with bruises. It wasn’t long ago these same girls were crying over skinned knees and imaginary boo-boo’s, so seeing them take a hard pitch to the back, leg, or even head–thank goodness for helmets–and keep playing was amazing. And I’ve learned to always pack bandages and ice packs. (And bug spray, an umbrella, snacks, water bottles, a chair, sweaters, hair ties…) If I’m ever called upon to edit a book with Little League scenes, I’m ready.

Wait. How many points do they get for hitting the ball?

I’m also wrapping up the content edits on a project. This manuscript’s next stop will be the desk of one of the extremely talented line editors at Lyrical. I’m going to take a minute to thank the author, Stacy McKittrick,( ) for maintaining a wonderful, positive attitude. She’s been a trooper. (Okay, she said editing was FUN. Either I’m not scary or…hmm.)

Lyrical will release her paranormal romance, My Sunny Vampire, in early 2014. I’ll keep you posted.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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A Thesaurus is NOT a Dinosaur.

I’ve noticed many authors have a favorite word. You know what I mean. The word that creeps into your ms dozens and dozens of times without your permission.  Suddenly every character is muttering. Every pair of eyes is clear. Every sentence is inexplicably linked with because. (Because, because, because, because, because. Because of the wonderful things he does… What? No one else heard the Wizard of Oz?) Anyway, it happens. You get in the groove, things are flowing, you don’t always notice. This is why I have a job. (Thank you, by the way.)

Yesterday, in the brief window of time between school and my daughter’s softball practice, my son was playing on the floor while I tried to get a few more things accomplished. I *might* have been whining about someone’s new favorite word. And, I *might* have been suggesting–out loud–that someone should make use of a thesaurus. (Okay, it sounds grumpy. But, I’m not. Really.) Little, dinosaur-loving ears picked up my comment, and he called out, “Mommy, I want to see the Thesaurus! What kind of dinosaur is a Thesaurus?”

thesaurusYou can’t explain a thesaurus to little boys. We tried. Finally, I asked him to draw a picture. I thought I would share the result.🙂


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Romance, Sarcasm and Mother Teresa

Yesterday, my lovely daughter asked if she could stay home with me for Take Your Kids to Work Day. I laughed, because I knew her plan was sleeping in and watching TV, not learning about my job. She really doesn’t understand what I do. “You just read all day, right?” Her impression of my day doesn’t bother me.

What is bothersome is the reaction that I get from others when I tell them what I do. “That’s a real job?” Yes, actually. It is. Then there is the deliberate ignorance. “What do you mean you have to work? A deadline for what?” Or, the wonderful, “Can you watch my kids, since you are home anyway?” *sigh*

If they aren’t disparaging the job, it is the type of books I read. “Romance,” they’ll sneer. “I don’t read those books.” No. Of course you don’t. Nothing has ever cluttered that brain except biographies of Mother Teresa. (They always seem to forget she preached love and acceptance and, really, what else is a romance novel doing?)

But, the absolute best (worst?) is She-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless, who has taken to correcting my grammar whenever we speak. That’s crazy-making, I’m gonna scream, SHUT UP lots of fun. I’m getting really good at biting my tongue. Actually, I’ll probably need a tongue replacement soon. Anyone out there care to recommend a surgeon?

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The Importance of Waterproof Paper

An author friend of mine called me a few months ago and told me, “Paige, I need you to go take a shower.” As she lives several hundred miles away, I was pretty sure that she wasn’t referring to my personal hygiene. I hoped. (I admit, I did the sniff test just to be sure.) My very intelligent answer was something along the lines of, “Uh, why?”

It seems she’d noticed something. Several years ago, while she was writing her first book, I came up with the perfect title while taking a shower. She reminded me about other occasions where my inspiration seemed to be directly linked to soap and water. This time, she was hoping the water muse would visit and I would be able to help with a thorny plot issue.

Not long after that conversation, a package arrived in the mail. The thoughtful gift? A waterproof notepad. It hangs in my shower, waiting for that moment when an idea hits and I have to write it down before it washes down the drain. Most days it serves as nothing more than a shopping list or a place for my children to draw funny pictures. But it will be ready when I am.

Inspiration is a funny thing. So many of you have different ways of flexing your creative muscles. Some of you write every day in order to keep the juices flowing. You’ll go for a walk, bake cookies, read something written by your favorite author. The more you get inspired, the more you write. And the more you write, the more books I get to read. See how I make it all about me?

So, go on, get inspired…I’m waiting.

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